Our high school offers a Special Advanced course, Music and Art course and a General course. Students choose one out of these three tracks. After entrance exams are taken and results compared, discussions are held between the school and student. Because space is limited in the specialized courses, the final decision is made by the school based on student scores and space availability.

  • General Course

    General Course

    Students take a variety of subjects without a specific focus. This course is designed to meet students' future plans accordingly. Extra curricular classes are optional in this course.

  • Music and Art Course

    Music and Art Course

    Students take many fine arts classes or music classes depending on their emphasis. This course is designed to foster students’ talent in fine arts or in music. Students are encouraged to aim for higher education in fine arts and music.

  • Special Advanced Course

    Special Advanced Course

    The course is designed to prepare students for prestigious Japanese universities and overseas immersion program.Extra curricular classes are optional in this course.