Educational Goal

Our educational goals are as follows

  • To instill in students an awareness of God's love so they can gratefully respond in loving service, thus experiencing the abundant life Jesus promises in John10:10.
  • To foster in each student a spirit of creativity and spontaneity and the realization that real freedom involves responsibility.
  • To develop a greater international understanding, broaden their view of the world and encourage them to participate in international conversataion.
  • To maintain a coherent unity in all aspects of education on campus from kindergarten through college. To develop an atmosphere of cheerfulness and to promote the individuality and competence of each student.
  • To raise the level of education higher by establishing daily chapel services and weekly Bible classes as pillars of spiritual education.

Almost all high school students go on to college. Special recommendations for famous Christian universities in Japan are provided.
An international spirit pervades the campus as foreign missionaries teach English at the junior and senior high school and the college. Sister school ties with Oak Grove Luther School in Fargo, North Dakota, Immanuel Lutheran College (high school) in Adelaide, Australia, and Shinun High School in South Korea provide student exchange and study tour opportunities both to and from Luther High School.

foreign missionaries